Golf Course reviews (1990s – Present)

  • ROGs Scoring Rating criteria (0-10) Only courses I have played or walked.
    • Course design (max 5)
    • Green complexes (max 3)
    • Course experience (max 2) practice area, parking lot, clubhouse, etc.
    • X Value multiplier (0-1.1)

BBQ reviews (2022 – Present)

  • ROGs Scoring criteria (0-10) varies by type (scoring per category)
    • Restaurant (0-10) Local/non-chain
      • Flavor/Quality (max 4) includes Smoke
      • Variety (max 2) meat options
      • Restaurant Vibe (max 2)
      • Sides (max 2) flavor, options, etc.
    • Rub (0-10) Only rubs I have cooked with.
      • Flavor (max 7)
      • Versatility (max 3)

About Rub of the Greens

I came up with this Rub of the Greens (ROGs) idea to give my take on some of my biggest passions: Golf, BBQ (and PowerBI). I am not an expert on any of these topics but I hope you enjoy my experiences via my ratings, photos, and ridiculous PowerBI dashboards. Cheers.